Amazon Position - Sex Will Never Be The Same

Amazon Position - Sex Will Never Be The Same

Amazon position is one of the less-intuitive sexual positions. However, it has unique potential to align some of those super-sensitive spots on both the male and female anatomy.

If you and your partner manage to pull off the Amazon position, it probably won't be the last time. 

So, what the hell is Amazon position?

Well, it would probably be easier if we just showed you. The video below is a helpful visual.

Amazon Position

Amazon position is when the man lays on his back with his knees to his chest, slightly bent, and wide apart. The woman then squats-down onto the man, (sometimes in a scissor-like way) and positions his penis inside of her. 

Penetration occurs from the motion of the women bouncing up and down or rocking back and forth.

If you're on the bottom during Amazon position...

During Amazon position, it's important for the man on the bottom to support the female on the top so that she can maintain her balance and ensure a satisfying experience for both her and her partner. 

Amazon position is definitely a team effort, which is another reason why it's so satisfying! 

 Here's another helpful video that shows a couple engaging in Amazon position.

The Benefits of Amazon Position

Amazon position allows for a decent amount of eye contact during sex. Another significant benefit of Amazon position is that is allows for both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation. In addition, the women will have her hands free to stimulate herself as she rides her partner.

Clit-suckers and vibrators can help enhance the experience for both participants.

Amazon position also lends itself particularly well to vibrating cock rings.


The Drawbacks of Amazon Position 

Achieving an orgasm in Amazon position requires balance, strength, and flexibility. Depending on your particular body size and shape, Amazon position can be tough to accomplish. Amazon position also requires that the women have reasonably healthy knees. 


Final Thoughts on Amazon Position

As with any new sexual position you're attempting with your partner, make sure to communicate clearly and always play safe, sane, and consensual. 

Just for fun, here's another video compilation of people doing the Amazon position.

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